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About us. 

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Kurbas Pro is a creative production studio founded in 2018, and based in Lviv, Ukraine.

We develop multimedia content (motion graphics, sound design) for projection mappings, various shows, VJ, VR, AR, media exhibitions, immersive experiences. Also, produce and run it in some cases.

We have collaborated with theaters, art galleries, immersive spaces, musicians and international festivals of light. Produce multimedia solutions for concerts, video clips, and scenography using projection mapping and video art. 

Our career is rooted in traditional art and theater, so we continue to utilize the techniques and skills gained from this professional background.

Our team includes artists, animators, motion designers, illustrators, musicians, an art critic, a director and scriptwriter, VJ, a technical group, a soundman, a light artist, and other dreamers who learn from each other and contribute their aesthetics to each project.

We avoid stereotyped artistic approaches in our works and draw lots of inspiration from cultural heritage.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has influenced all aspects of our lives and creative processes.

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Visualia Festival

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1 Minute Projection
Mapping Competition

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Lunar Festival of Lights


  • ​Lunar Festival of Lights (Sofia, Bulgaria) - finalist

  • Lilu Light Festival 2024 (Lucerne, Switzerland) - guest


  • Dublin Winter Lights (Dublin Ireland) - finalist

  • Berlin Festival of Lights (Berlin, Germany) - guest

  • Lunar Festival of Lights (Sofia, Bulgaria) - 3rd place

  • 1 Minute Projection Mapping (Tokyo, Japan) - finalist



  • 1 Minute Projection Mapping (Tokyo, Japan) - TokyoTokyo Prize winner

  • Visualia Festival 2022 (Pula, Croatia) - 1st Place

  • BellaSkyWay 2022 (Torun, Poland) - invited participant 



  •  Kyiv Lights Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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